Dede Long

Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, Cal State Long Beach

Email: Dede.Long at

Phone: (562) 985-5075

Address: CSULB-Dept of Economics, 1250 Bellflower Blvd. MS-4607, Long Beach, CA 90840


My main research interests center around economic issues related to ecosystem service provision and land use. Under this broad scope, I am particularly interested in two interrelated themes: how the general public values ecosystem services and the extent to which governmental and non-governmental institutions can correct environmental externalities and promote the provision of public goods.

Some of my recent papers have utilized revealed and stated preference methods to investigate the public’s demand for improvements in environmental amenities (e.g., national forests) and examined how urban environmental amenities (e.g., greenspace) affect local communities such as residents’ health. Additionally, I leveraged techniques in behavioral and experimental economics, conducting field and laboratory experiments to analyze factors influencing people’s willingness to provide environmental public goods, such as donating to non-profit deforestation prevention and carbon emission reduction programs.

Outside of my primary focus, I am interested in promoting diversity and equity in the field of economics. As a first-generation college student and an immigrant, I explore factors that affect underrepresented and female students’ major decisions and evaluate interventions that can be implemented to improve enrollment in economics among the marginalized population.

Research Interests: Environmental and natural resource economics; Land use; Non-market valuation